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Jobs during WoE [Read This]

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Jobs during WoE [Read This] Empty Jobs during WoE [Read This]

Post  Phenomenon Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:50 am

High Priest - Stay by the emperium and cast asperio over any attacking assassin crosses, lex atrena and decrease agility against ALL our enemies, and maybe cast sanctuary over the emperium, I will tell you to do so or not.
Paladins - Devote Gunslingers and Priests that are stationed at the emperium or entrance to the emperium room. One paladin cast battle chant on the emperium as well.
Gunslingers - You shall either be assigned to be stationed at the emperium or the entrance to the emperium room, your job is to spam the skill Desperado as soon as an enemy comes within 3 cells of you
Assassin Cross - Use edge to try to coma the enemy, if you can use thanatos+edge, that will be ideal, or 2 edges. Or you can go for sonic blow / double dagger damage build to deal as much damage as possible.
Champions - Please go on full asura mode, fbh+tanee, 6000 SP (2 hollowrings), and either 2 thana+tg+civil servant, 1 thana+2tg+1 civil servant, or 2 tg+ 2 civil servant weapon
Lord Knights - bowling bash mobs of enemies as you seem the cling together, you may move freely withing the emperium, bowling bashing people
Stalkers - Try to full strip the enemy, and if fcped, use close confine to keep the enemy trapped there and either try to strip, let others back you up and kill it, or just keep the person held there to waste time. Attacking with a bow from far away with 4 LoD or incant weapon is nice, magic is also nice
Professors - use fiber lock on the enemy to keep them trapped, and dispell there buffs away, spamming magic on them to get them to switch to GTB is also nice, using land protector to stop enemy AOE magic or desperado is also advised
Wizards - either spam meteor storm at the entrance to the emp room or right on top of the emp, jupitel thunder when single enemy targetting
Ninjas - cast your slow-walking AOE skill to make our enemies walk slower, or your raging fire skill to impede there cloaking without the aid of GTB, casting magic over your enemy is ideal for damage and making them switch to GTB
Snipers - Use melee with incant / 4 LoD weapons from far away, and cast ankle snare around the emperium room, all over any stair parts of the emperium room, the entrance and the immediate path to the emperium is ideal


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Jobs during WoE [Read This] Empty Re: Jobs during WoE [Read This]

Post  Syncopation Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:44 pm

gypsy- slow grace/tarot/AV


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Jobs during WoE [Read This] Empty Re: Jobs during WoE [Read This]

Post  nyakiz Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:32 am

i just hope the members will follow this... thank you


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Jobs during WoE [Read This] Empty Re: Jobs during WoE [Read This]

Post  ~Ares~ Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:14 am

Read this please.


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Jobs during WoE [Read This] Empty Re: Jobs during WoE [Read This]

Post  Baby Ama Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:42 pm

and don't do that hill lion thing!we don't need that!

Baby Ama

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Jobs during WoE [Read This] Empty DAmn LOL...

Post  david Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:38 pm

then Sorry about that...

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Jobs during WoE [Read This] Empty Re: Jobs during WoE [Read This]

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