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Post  ~Ares~ on Thu Jul 23, 2009 4:28 am

Classes we currently need for WoE

Desperado'ing Gunslinger - The gunslinger's job is to kill any incoming enemies by spamming Desperado. They are either stationed directly next to the emperium or right at the entrance to the emperium room. This is the job I would most like to see you all use, well a handful.

FULL ASURA Champion - A full asura champion utilizes tanee+fbh in there boot and 6k sp gained through int/+sp% items (hollowring for example). They are stationed at the entrance of the emperium room and right directly next to the emperium, just like gunslingers, and asura spam over incoming enemies.

Hybrid Breaker Assassin Cross -A breaker assassin cross breaks the emperium, but hybrid because during defense they equip a damage dealing weapon along with an edge for coma.

Devotion Paladins - Devotion paladins devote the breaker assassin crosses when rushing the emperium. When defending, devotion paladins use devotion on all gunslingers, and one uses Battle Chant directly on the emperium.

I will post item builds for these later on, for now, if you think that you can change your class to any of these contact me (Phenomenon) or Krazze Kat to tell us of your plans to do so. Keep in mind that all these classes require a moderate amount of items. If you need guidance with skills / builds, ask me.


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[ATTN] Classes We Need Empty Re: [ATTN] Classes We Need

Post  Baby Ama on Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:43 pm

and don't do that hill lion thing!we don't need that!and i 'm having errors because of that!

Baby Ama

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[ATTN] Classes We Need Empty DAmn LOL...

Post  david on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:37 pm

then Sorry about that.....

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[ATTN] Classes We Need Empty Re: [ATTN] Classes We Need

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